Defibrillator Course (Demo)


The committee has sanctioned the purchase of a new Defibrillator for the club, and has arranged the first training course for Monday night 28th April. Anyone interested in participating in the training should submit their name to James Murphy (087-2575376) as soon as possible, although spaces is limited to Twelve for the initial nights training, additional nights can be arranged if over subscribed.

The equipment is in the region of €900 and can be obtained on Fone4Life scheme operated by the suppliers, what this means is we  gather up 300 old Mobil phones and get the unit for free, or part thereof i.e.  100 will reduce the price by one third.

So spread the word, ask your friends if the have any old phones sitting around which the would pass onto you, there will be a collection box in the club house where these units can be deposited.