Captain’s Prize 2020 (Demo)


Captain Tom Cully hosted his Captain’s Prize competition last weekend and a full complement of members turned out in support.

Qualifying took place on Friday and Saturday with the final 36 and tied playing 9 holes on Sunday evening. 36 points made the cut and the leading score of 42 points was held by newcomer Kieran McQuaid.

In the end young Kieran held his nerve in front of the assembled crowd and added another 23 points to his tally.

Full winners list as follows:

Winner Kieran McQuaid  65

2nd Paul Harvey  64

3rd Gary Gillespie 62

4th Sean Treanor 61

5th Paul Treanor 61

6th Martin McKenna 59

1st Gross Ronnie Berry

2ns Gross Sylvester Quinn

Leading Qualifier Donal Carragher

Senior Cat 1 James Deery

Senior Cat 2 Matt Watters

Committee Bernard Connolly

Past Captain John Heffernan


Captain’s Prize to Ladies

Junior Girl Louise McGinnity

3rd Anne Lillis

2nd Therese Cunningham

1st Marion McDonald